For our American Customers

 ◾ Appointment management

 ◾ Repair and maintenance work

 ◾ General renovation

 ◾ Fixed prices for scheduled works

 ◾ Experienced and English speaking workers


For our American CustomersAppointment management

We run an office to schedule our customer appointments for home repairs and renovation projects. Our personnel speaks English fluently to ensure a professional handling of any demands at the next available timeframe.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone in order to get your issues resolved by our professional team.


Repair and maintenance work

No matter what repair work you want to be done - we've got the perfect experts available. Electrician, plumber, carpenter and tiler are part of our work team; we also provide painting services (exterior + interior), flooring (laminate + hard wood floor) and handyman jobs.

We are experts in water damage repairs and have a huge number of drying facilities available.


General renovation

Old houses and buildings need major repairs and renovation within certain time periods. We are experienced in total renovation of buildings - from exterior to any interior rooms. Bathroom and kitchen renewal are part of our standard offerings as well as replacing the whole electrical and water systems.

Please contact our office for your upcoming project!


Fixed prices for scheduled works

We intend to provide fixed prices for scheduled works. Regular tasks will be invoiced as proposed - a benefit for our customers to keep the cost within the schedule.


Experienced and English speaking workers

Our personnel is well experienced with the requirements of American customers. We have been working for the US Government in Germany for several years, and we've got a lot of US customers (home owners, real estate companies etc.). We are looking forward to your inquiry. We ensure a high quality standard of work and planning with fair prices and rates.